4 thoughts on “The Push for Live Forensics

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  3. rzirnste

    Would you be interested in trying our pre-release? We plan to release it in the next week or two, when we complete a few more features. Our intent with the pre-release is to gather as much input as possible to include the features that investigators need most. The first 10 testers that provide valuable feedback (resulting in additional features or improvements) will receive a free license of the final release.

    If you are interested in trying the up coming pre-release, notify Support@ForensicInnovations.com to add you to the list.

    Rob Zirnstein
    Forensic Innovations

  4. dfgroup

    Looking froward to the FI Data Profiler Portable product. We do use Live Response and Helix Pro from e-Fense for live acquisitions and analysis. I am experiencing the need to capture what is happening on a computer in its native environment. VM is great for loading images but I sometimes find the need in investigations to observe the actual machine on its own hardware platform and do live analysis.

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