3 thoughts on “Try FI Data Profiler and Tell Us What You Think

  1. Rob Zirnstein

    I’ve updated the links on this page, to point to a current pre-release. Feel free to try this tool and let us know what you think. This release will function until June 1st, 2011. The final release is expected within a few weeks.

    Thank you,
    Rob Zirnstein

  2. Rob Zirnstein

    Our trial period ended, and we gathered some great feedback. Thank you to everyone who tested FI Data Profiler Portable, and provided feedback.
    We have been requested to extend the trial period, for those who didn’t have time in October.
    There is a new version (v1.03) available at http://www.ForensicInnovations.com/download/fidpp103.exe
    The performance has been improved, and the expiration date has been moved to January 1st, 2010. We welcome all feedback on this new version.

    Thank you,
    Rob Zirnstein

  3. dfgroup


    Thanks for putting this out there! Just downloaded and like what I see so far on the GUI. Looking forward to testing this on case files in the coming weeks.
    -Douglas Brush

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